Birth Doula package — $2,000

During our prenatal appointments, we will discuss your pregnancy, how you are finding your care and the journey. We discuss your ideal birth and how to map out your birth preferences. You and your birth partner can attend a group class at Illawarra Birth Classes to help you gain understanding of the physiological birth preferences, interventions, pain relief options and a wide range of support techniques your support team can use, should you want it. We also plan for your Fourth Trimester, discussing meals, support, recovery and all aspects of health.

You and I can meet in those last few days of your pregnancy, for a coffee or a walk, or even just a pep talk.

I am on call for you from 37 weeks, day and night I am available. I can come and support you at home and/or hospital and I usually stay for around 2 hours after bub has arrived to take photos, videos, assist with any breastfeeding questions, making sure parents have some food & drink and making sure everyone is settled before I leave.

I will come to your home for 3 postnatal visits. During these visits we can debrief your birth, get you comfortable with babywearing, l can provide you with a list of local resources you might need or want, support around breastfeeding and normal biological infant sleep and safe sleeping options.

Working together throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum to set you up for a positive start to parenthood.

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