A doula is a qualified, non-medical support person who will be with you throughout your whole labour and birth. We provide information and support to parents during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period.

A doula believes in the process of birth, and is aware of the impact that it can have on parenting. A doula is educated in comfort measures such as positioning, hot packs, aromas, relaxation techniques, massage and managing labour sensations with water.

As a Doula, I will not impose my own thoughts or beliefs onto a client. I am always respectful, understanding, and a great listener. I acknowledge the power of birth and believe it is a non-medical event, unless the woman asks for assistance for her or her baby. I know that dim lighting always makes a difference, and that the fewer people interrupting the woman and the process, the quicker the birth.

I will offer continuous support, I will trust the woman's instincts and I understand that birth is a rite of passage and it is a woman's right to birth her baby how, where and with whom she chooses.

As a Doula I do not perform medical or clinical tasks, I do not diagnose, offer second opinions or give medical advice. I am trained and skilled in supporting the birthing woman and her partner through childbirth, one contraction at a time. I can support you at home (with private midwives), in a birth centre, a labour ward or a private hospital.

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